Yes, in districts. Independnts might even have more of a chance to win under MMP.

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In MMP, just like now, independent candidates can run for every district seat, and have a chance of being elected if they win the most votes locally.

Independents could only run on the 2nd part of the ballot, for the province-wide 'list' seats, if they registered their own political party. To do this, they simply need to send a list of 350 'party members' to Elections PEI, and $1000 registration fee.

Then, if that "party of independents" was able to win 1 in every 27 votes on the island (so roughly 3,700 votes - no easy task), they would win one of the 27 seats in the legislature.

In addition, because the district vote is now separate from the values-based vote (where people express what party they want to form government), a strong local independent may even have an increased chance of being elected in a district, as people can 'safely' vote for an independent locally on the 1st ballot, while also expressing support for their preferred governing party island-wide, on the 2nd ballot.

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