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Regardless of the referendum result, we need 14 of the 27 MLAs vote in favour of Proportional Representation, for it to become reality for PEI.

So, we are sending all candidates/nominees a survey about their commitment to Proportional Representation. Their responses will be published on this website.

From District 1 Souris-Elmira to District 27 Tignish-Palmer Road, boundaries have recently changed. Your new district may be different to your current district. Use this address locator tool on the Elections PEI website to find your new district for 2019. 


Table last updated April 22, 2019.



20 of 27 responded

Party & Leader support Proportional Representation.


1 of 27 responded

Party & leader historically are opposed.


15 of 24 responded

Party & Leader support Proportional Representation


2 of 27 responded.

Party has no clear position. Leader supports Proportional Representation.


1 Souris-Elmira
Boyd Leard
Tommy Kickham
Colin LaVie (Incumbent)
2 Georgetown-Pownal 
Susan Hartley
Kevin Doyle 
Edith Perry
Steven Myers (Incumbent)
3 Montague-Kilmuir 
John Allen MacLean
Daphne Griffin
Billy Cann
Cory Deagle
4 Belfast - Murray River 
Jim Sanders
Ian MacPherson
Darlene Compton (Incumbent)
Adam Cleary
5 Mermaid - Stratford
Michele Beaton
Randy Cooper  
Lawrence Millar
Mary Ellen McInnis
6 Stratford - Keppoch
Devon Strang
David Dunphy
Lynne Thiele
James Aylward (Incumbent)
7 Morell - Donagh
Kyle MacDonald
Susan Myers
Margaret Andrade
Sidney MacEwen (Incumbent)
8 Stanhope - Marshfield
Sarah Donald
Wade MacLauchlan (Incumbent) 
Marian White
Bloyce Thompson
9 Charlottetown - Hillsborough Park (Writ cancelled due to tragic death of Josh Underhay)
Josh Underhay
Karen Lavers 
Gordon Gay 
Sarah Stewart-Clark
10 Charlottetown - Winsloe
Amanda Morrison
Robert Mitchell (Incumbent)
Jesse Cousins
Mike Gillis
11 Charlottetown - Belvedere
Hannah Bell (incumbent)
Roxanne Carter-Thompson
Trevor Leclerc
Ron Carragher
12 Charlottetown - Victoria Park
Karla Bernard
Richard Brown (Incumbent) 
Joe Byrne
Tim Keizer
13 Charlottetown - Brighton
Ole Hammarlund
Jordan Brown (Incumbent)
Simone Webster
Donna Hurry
14 Charlottetown - West Royalty
Gavin Hall
Gord McNeilly 
Janis Newman
Angus Birt
Bush Dumville (Incumbent)
15 Brackley - Hunter River
Greg Bradley
Windsor Wight
Leah-Jane Hayward
WINNER. Party Leader. Dennis King
(Voted Yes)
16 Cornwall - Meadowbank
Ellen Jones
Heath MacDonald (Incumbent)
Craig Nash
Elaine Barnes
17 New Haven - Rocky Point
Peter Bevan-Baker (Incumbent) 
Judy MacNevin
Kris Currie
Don Wills
18 Rustico - Emerald
Colin Jeffrey
Sandy MacKay
Sean Deagle
Brad Trivers  (Incumbent)
19 Borden - Kinkora
Matt MacFarlane
Jamie Stride
Joan Gauvin
Jamie Fox
Fred McCardle
20 Kensington - Malpeque
Matthew J. MacKay
Nancy Beth Guptil
Carole MacFarlane
Matthew MacKay (Incumbent)
21 Summerside - Wilmot
Lynne Lund
Chris Palmer (Incumbent)
Paulette Halupa
Tyler DesRoches
22 Summerside - South Drive
Steve Howard
Tina Mundy (Incumbent) 
Garth Oatway
Paul Walsh
23 Tyne Valley - Sherbrooke
Trish Altass
Paula Biggar (Incumbent)
Robin Enman
Hilton MacLennan
24 Evangeline - Miscouche
Nick Arsenault 
Sonny Gallant
Grant Gallant
Jason Woodbury
25 O'Leary - Inverness
Jason Charette 
Robert Henderson (Incumbent)
Herb Dickieson
Barb Broome
26 Alberton - Bloomfield
James McKenna
Pat Murphy (Incumbent)
Michelle Arsenault
Ernie Hudson
27 Tignish - Palmer Road
Sean Doyle
Hal Perry  (Incumbent)
Dale Ryan
Melissa Handrahan



The Survey Questions

Candidates can fill out the survey at this link:

Question 1 - Past Record

For incumbent candidates: Did you Honour The Vote by supporting acceptance of the results of the plebiscite in 2016? Why?

For new candidates: Did you support and participate in the movement to Honour The Vote in 2016? Why?

Question 2 - Principles

Do you support Proportional Representation on principle? Why?

Question 3 - The Particular model

Do you support the specific Proportional Representation model that is proposed for PEI? Why?
The proposed model is Mixed-Member Proportional Representation, with 2/3 district seats, and 1/3 compensatory regional seats, with open party lists.

Question 4 - Legitimacy of the Process

Do you believe the 2019 Referendum is a more legitimate, equally legitimate, or less legitimate process than 2016's plebiscite? Why?

Questions 5 - Commitment to future action

The electoral system can be changed directly by the Legislative Assembly, without going through a public referendum. Proportional Representation legislation could be introduced at any time. It could pass into law if a majority of MLAs supported it, or could be rejected if a majority of MLA rejected the change. (Yes, this means that the 'binding referendum' is not actually 'binding'.)

Depending on your answer to Question 2...

If you are a supporter of Proportional Representation:  Regardless of the Referendum result, if a majority of MLAs were in-principle supporters of Proportional Representation, would you introduce and/or support such legislation to improve the island's electoral system?

If you are not a supporter of Proportional Representation: If Proportional Representation wins the referendum, will you Honour The Vote and vote in favour of Proportional Representation legislation?

These 5 questions will be sent to all known nominees/candidates.
Their responses will be published on this website, and their scores recorded in the table above, as soon as possible.