District 4 Belfast - Murray River





Jim Sanders
Ian MacPherson
Darlene Compton (Incumbent) 
Adam Cleary


Question 1 - Past Record

For incumbent candidates: Did you Honour The Vote by supporting acceptance of the results of the plebiscite in 2016? Why?

For new candidates: Did you support and participate in the movement to Honour The Vote in 2016? Why?


Question 2 - Principles

Do you support Proportional Representation on principle? Why?


Question 3 - The Particular model

Do you support the specific Proportional Representation model that is proposed for PEI? Why?


Question 4 - Legitimacy of the Process

Do you believe the 2019 Referendum is a more legitimate, equally legitimate, or less legitimate process than 2016's plebiscite? Why?


Questions 5 - Commitment to future action

If you are a supporter of Proportional Representation:  Regardless of the Referendum result, if a majority of MLAs were in-principle supporters of Proportional Representation, would you introduce and/or support such legislation to improve the island's electoral system?

If you are not a supporter of Proportional Representation: If Proportional Representation wins the referendum, will you Honour The Vote and vote in favour of Proportional Representation legislation?


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