There are 2 paths to Proportional Representation becoming reality on PEI...

The 1st is optional. The 2nd is essential.

1 - By a referendum.

To win according to the rules (which many say are biased), we estimate 45,000 voters will need to vote ‘yes’ - 26,000 more than in 2016.

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But even if we win the referendum, MLAs would still need to vote enact the MMP legislation.


2 - In the legislature.

If 14 of 27 MLAs support - or oppose - Proportional Representation, they can make it happen, regardless of the Referendum result.

So, if you want MMP, then who you vote for in the Provincial Election is very important.

Check out the candidates in your district, here.


Our goal is a stronger democracy for PEI, where every island voter feels included and represented. This goal will be achieved when Proportional Representation is enshrined in legislation on PEI. 


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    This is a 100% volunteer effort run by parents of young kids, so responses to enquiries using this form may be delayed.

    This page is jointly hosted by 1) Anna Keenan of St Ann's, 2) Donald MacFadzen-Reid of Summerside, 3) Lucy Morkunas of Kinkora, and 4) Philip Brown of Richmond, operating in association, as Unregistered Referendum Advertisers, under the PEI Electoral System Referendum Act. We are informally known as the PR Action Team.