Pledge your support for fair representation on PEI

Pledge_your_support_to_help_us.pngThe clock is ticking closer to the next provincial election - and the government's promised re-do referendum on Proportional Representation. 

With the Fall sitting of the Legislature just came to a close without the government revealing anything more about its plans for the referendum or the timeline for its promised consultation process, other than the Premier announcing that the MMP map referred to in the Throne Speech would be drawn up by the Electoral Boundaries Commission.This leaves us concerned that the government may be hoping to catch PR supporters flat footed by giving us a very short window of time to organize our referendum campaign by the time the details are known and the consultation process is complete. Add to that the lingering uncertainty about when the next election and referendum will even take place, and it is clear that we will need to get very well organized, as early as possible, to win PR for PEI once and for all. 

Will you pledge your 2018 financial support today?

Investing in a breakthrough for proportional representation on Prince Edward Island offers the best bang for your buck in the country. In 2016, we won the plebiscite - against all odds - on a budget less than what the parties would have spent on the recent by-election in District 11. With your continued support, we can hit the ground running and win the next referendum.

Your financial support will be needed to:

  • Run an effective campaign to engage the public and pressure the government next spring, to ensure fair terms for the referendum and to mobilize volunteers. This may include impactful advertising in traditional and social media, and events;
  • Invest in organizing tools and materials to get our messages out and train and mobilize volunteers;
  • When the time is right, invest in a skilled campaign team with the resources to carry our campaign to victory!

Please pledge your 2018 support using this page today. You do not need to send any money today - we will follow up with you in March, prior to the Spring Session of the Legislature, with a plan that we'll need your pledge to help put into action.

Thank you!

Hi , how much will you pledge to contribute in the spring of 2018??

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