Pledge Collection Kit

SO GREAT that you want to help collect pledges. Every person whose pledge you collect, we will contact them again when voting starts, to remind them to get out and vote. Together we can win proportional representation for PEI, and we can lead Canada!

You can download your kit here, to print at home. If you don't have access to a printer, email with your address and we'll endeavour to deliver a paper kit to you.

1 - Pledge Collection Sheet

2 - Sample Ballot paper (print single-sided, then cut into three)

3 - Half-page flyers explaining the 5 voting systems (print double-sided, then cut in half)

4 - FRENCH: Half-page flyers explaining the 5 voting systems (print double-sided, then cut in half)

5 - Proportional Representation winners (print double-sided, then cut in half)


Your pledge collection will make a big difference. Research shows that people are more likely to vote if they've had a 1-1 conversation about voting, if they make a public commitment or pledge to vote, and if they receive reminders to vote before the polls close.


  • Be relaxed, and make sure to LISTEN more than you TALK.
  • Conversation guide:
    1. Start with "Have you heard about the vote on electoral reform coming up in November?" and then show them the ballot paper. "The government is asking citizens to rank these options from 1 to 5."
    2. Then... "Would you like to see the example ballot paper?" Show them the ballot and how to fill it out. You might like to point out that it is machine-readable, so they need to colour in the dots. Give them some time without you speaking so they can look at and understand the ballot.
    3. Transition the conversation to PR - "It seems complicated at first, but actually it's very simple. We are encouraging people to vote for Proportional Representation - it's the idea that if your party gets 25% of the vote, they should get 25% of the seats. And if they get 40% of the vote, they should get 40% of the seats. Does that sound like a good idea to you?"
    4. Answer their questions and concerns, and get to the pledge as quickly as possible - "We are collecting pledges from people who want to vote for Proportional Representation in November, so that we can show that there is growing support in the community, and also so that we can call to remind you to vote when polling starts. Will you sign the pledge?"
    5. If people don't want to sign the pledge, then give them the flyer so they can learn more about the options. Make sure that they've filled in the sample ballot correctly, and encourage them to stick it on their fridge.
    6. If you've met someone who is particularly enthusiastic about proportional representation, ask them to volunteer!
  • Make sure that people write legibly, and encourage them to include both their email and phone number.
  • Always be polite. If people are hesitant to sign at first, be encouraging and persistent - this will help us achieve our campaign goals - but never be 'pushy' or rude.
  • We have three goals:
    1. Get the contact details of people who want to vote for PR.
    2. Make a good impression on people who aren't yet sure how they want to vote, and reassure people who have concerns about PR.
    3. Be efficient with our time - don't waste time arguing with people who are 'anti' proportional representation.

Start by aiming for just 10 pledges this week. Then if you succeed, try for 20, or even 30. You'll find that it's fun talking to people about the vote, and it'll get easier with practice.