In Proportional systems, do the parties decide which people hold office?

NoL not in either of Dual-Member Proportional or Mixed Member Proportional with an "open list", which are the two proportional options on the ballot in PEI in 2016.

This is a common myth that opponents of Proportional Representation have been spreading around, to generate fear of change. :(

Under both proportional options being considered here, a party puts forward a set of candidates in every district, just like they do now, and voters place their votes next to an individual candidate's name.

The most popular candidates will be chosen for each of the local districts (in both systems, just like the current system), and in addition, for the 'proportional' part of the seats, each party's most popular representatives - as decided by the voters - will be chosen to fill the seats in the legislature that party has earned.

In PEI's 2005 plebiscite a "closed list" proportional model was used, which has some degree of party control. That is not the case in 2016. The influence of parties is limited only to the candidate nominations: voters choose which candidates win the seats.

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