What about independent candidates? I vote for the person not the party!

In both Proportional Representation options on the ballot, just like now, independent candidates can run in every district and have a chance of being elected. There are some differences, though:

  • In the 14 districts of Dual-Member Proportional, independents could be elected as the 'first' representative of a district if they are the most popular candidate, or they could be a district's second representative if they are the second-most-popular candidate. This option could actually increase the chances of independent candidates being elected, over the current system, if they are popular enough in their district.

  • In the 18 districts of Mixed-Member Proportional, an independent could be elected if they are the most popular local candidate in order to win a seat. Independents would not be able to run on the 2nd part of the ballot, for the province-wide 'list' seats. More detailed info on this system can be found on the Elections PEI website: http://www.yourchoicepei.ca/mixed-member-proportional-1

What have you learned from contacting your MLA?

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