How can I help get other people out to vote?

We are in the final days of the campaign now. The best way that you can help is to ask EVERY PERSON YOU SEE until voting closes the simple question: "Have you voted yet?" and then "I know it's confusing... would you like me to help break down the 5 options for you?"

Keep the Elections PEI Helpline number handy for anyone who wants to vote but doesn't have their yellow envelope or Elector PIN yet: 1-888-234-8683

Here are some things you can share online:

We have excellent online resources you can share, stacks of flyers you can give to friends or or drop in neighbours’ mailboxes, and a phone list of undecided voters you can call on Saturday or Monday. Just call or email us to get involved: (902)-812-1033, or

We know that many islanders are feeling confused. RIGHT NOW is the time to reach out and answer their questions - they’ve got until 7pm on Monday to learn and to make their decision and place their votes - online, by phone, or in person.

What have you learned from contacting your MLA?

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.