Please add your name to the petition below if you believe that the government should honour the vote and move forward with legislation to adopt the Mixed Member Proportional voting system democratically chosen by Islanders.

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  • The Wade MacLauchlan-led Liberal government was elected in May 2015 on a platform with a strong commitment to democratic renewal, stating: "we must [...] work to reduce public cynicism about democracy and government which, unfortunately, has never been higher in Canada [...] Many Islanders are frustrated with the overly partisan approach to politics that seems to be the new normal. Others disengage when they see politicians say one thing and then do another. Too many others feel that they have been excluded and have no role to play or no opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way." (People, Prosperity, Engagement: Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island, 2015);

  • In 2015, the government struck an all-party Special Committee on Democratic Renewal that recommended a plebiscite that uses preferential voting to rank five different electoral system options. Elections PEI was mandated and funded, to the tune of approximately $500,000, to educate and engage Islanders in this plebiscite.

  • Over a period of several months, tens of thousands of Islanders worked hard to educate themselves and their neighbours about the five different electoral systems proposed in the plebiscite.

  • By the last day of voting, only 31% of voters chose First-Past-the-Post as their first preference, indicating clearly that Islanders want a change in their electoral system. And Islanders’ choice for change is clear: Mixed Member Proportional Representation. On the final count, a strong majority of voters preferred Mixed-Member Proportional Representation to our current electoral system.


We, the undersigned voters of Prince Edward Island, call upon the PEI government to honour the results of the November 7 plebiscite, and take immediate steps to draft and table legislation to ensure that the next general provincial election on PEI takes place under the Mixed Member Proportional voting system, democratically chosen by Islanders.


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