It's almost voting time

Oct 29-Nov 7, help make history

Let's lead the nation - vote for proportional representation!


Our Mission: Fair elections for PEI!

Our island is a great place to live. But on health, the environment, education, infrastructure planning, the economy, high-speed internet, and more... our island should be doing better. On every issue... studies, reports and presentations are made, recommendations come from standing committees, and the ruling government of the day can take or leave them, as it pleases. We can improve the way our government works.

There is a better way.

From October 29th to November 7th, every island citizen 16 and older can vote to change the way we elect our MLAs from the outdated ‘first past the post’, to a 21st-century, proportional representation (PR) system.

Proportional Representation is based on the popular vote: if a party receives one third of the popular vote in an election, they receive one third of the seats in the legislature.

  • It's fair.
  • Every voter is treated equally.
  • Big money has less influence on election results.
  • The legislature will become a place for proper debate.
  • The issues affecting islanders will truly receive the attention that they deserve.

Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

When you vote, there will be two ‘proportional’ options on the ballot - and it’s important that you make these your first and second choices.

By working together, we can help PEI take the next step forward in our democratic evolution.

PEIPRCoalitionLogoWhite.pngHelp build the momentum for change - pledge to vote 1 & 2 for the two proportional options on the ballot right now!

Brought to you by the PEI Coalition for Proportional Representation.