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PM Justin Trudeau was on PEI on June 29, 2017. There was less than one day notice, but we wrote the open letter below, got more than 300 people to sign it, and managed to hand-deliver it to the Prime Minister as he was shaking hands with a small crowd that gathered near the wharf where he had just come from touring the Canada C3 ship. 

It's not too late to add your voice and show that Proportional Representation is not forgotten in the PEI summer!

Dear Prime Minister,

Welcome to Charlottetown, the birthplace of Canadian confederation! We are honoured that you’ve come to visit on the eve of the 150th anniversary celebrations.

We, the undersigned, had some big dreams for Canada 150. We islanders believed that the birthplace of Confederation could, 150 years later, become the birthplace of democratic renewal in this country.

We dared to imagine that PEI could once again lead Canada’s democracy into its next phase - into a future in which every voter is truly represented in Canada’s parliament, and where the parliament reflects the diversity of the country's political views. A future which requires collaboration between parties, rather than competition, to help the country move forward.

Such a vision for parliament is only possible with an electoral system based on Proportional Representation, and that is what islanders voted for in last November’s plebiscite: Mixed Member Proportional Representation was the electoral system of choice; First Past the Post trailed in support by 10 percentage points.

We were shocked and dismayed when Premier MacLauchlan and his Liberal caucus chose not to Honour The Vote, and even more shocked when the same was repeated on the federal level only a few months later: after investing $4.1 million in the work of the Electoral Reform (ERRE) Committee, you discarded their recommendation that Canada have a national referendum on Proportional Representation.

We are deeply disappointed that both Premier MacLauchlan and yourself have missed this golden opportunity for progress. We know that both of you value the contributions that women and marginalized communities make to Canada’s society, and yet you have both chosen not to implement a key reform which would have enhanced the participation of those under-represented groups in our parliament.

On May 31, one of our local MPs Sean Casey stood up in the House of Commons and chose to Honour the Vote of his constituents, by voting in favour of the Concurrence Motion to accept the report of the ERRE committee. He listened to his constituents, and showed respect to the committee who studied the testimony of expert witnesses before the ERRE committee. We commend Mr Casey for his action and for representing us.

Just this week, you have clearly stated your personal opinion that you think ‘Proportional Representation would be bad for our country’, and that you would have preferred a ranked ballot reform. We suggest that - just like Premier MacLauchlan here on PEI - the power of elected office seems to have blinded you to the weight of evidence in favour of Proportional Representation, against which your opinion cannot stand for long.

When you were elected, you committed to evidence-based decision making. You invested $4.1 million dollars in the ERRE committee who heard 60 days worth of evidence at public meetings. The results were clear.

We urge you to listen to the voice of your constituents, as Sean Casey did, and to the voice of experts who testified to the ERRE committee. At the next election - both here on PEI and federally - we will be looking for candidates who will clearly commit to moving Canada’s democracy forward with Proportional Representation, preparing the ground for the next 150 years of good governance.

Better is always possible, and in the project of democracy, ‘better’ means Proportional Representation.

Next time you visit, we hope you can stay a little longer and talk with us at a public event.


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    Sign the open letter to @JustinTrudeau: We want #ProportionalRepresentation for Canada's next 150 #cdnpoli #peipoli
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    Sign the open letter to @JustinTrudeau: We want #ProportionalRepresentation for Canada's next 150 #cdnpoli #peipoli
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    Sign the open letter to @JustinTrudeau: We want #ProportionalRepresentation for Canada's next 150 #cdnpoli #peipoli
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