Call your MLA

Please let us know if you've called your MLA to we can add it to our goal of 1000 calls!

_HonourTheVote.pngCalling your MLA personally is the most powerful way to make your voice literally heard!

Here's what you need to be able to call your MLA right now:

1. Find your MLA and their phone number here:

2. If your MLA doesn't have a phone number, please consider calling the Premier's office instead at 902-368-4400, AND/OR send your MLA an email at



Here are some helpful tips and talking points you can use when speaking with your MLA:

First, state your name and where you live!

  • Only 31% of Islanders backed First-Past-the-Post as their first choice. That's 69% of voters expressing a desire for a change in the way we elect our MLAs!

  • On every round of counting, more than 50% of voters favoured Proportional Representation. In the end, 52.4% of votes went to Mixed Member Proportional Representation, compared with only 42.8% for First-Past-the-Post. That 10-point lead shows a clear majority.

  • We know that many of the people who chose not to vote did so because they suspected that their votes might be ignored anyway, in a non-binding plebiscite. That cynicism about politics, and disengagement, is exactly what Wade MacLauchlan promised to break in the 2015 election campaign. We know that the Liberal party respects democratic processes: if they want to strengthen faith in politics, they will listen to the voice of the people, to show that votes really do matter.
  • In a democracy, the voices of those who vote is what counts. Every Islander had the opportunity to participate in this plebiscite, and the 36% turnout does not invalidate the results of this plebiscite, any more than the results of any other election. Most municipal governments across Canada are elected with a similar or even lower voter turnout, but that does not invalidate those elections. Those who say we should ignore the vote based on lower-than-normal turnout are effectively trying to say that those people who didn’t vote voted, and won.

  • What does this say to 16 & 17 year-olds, who‎ the Committee & Legislature gave the right to vote for the first time, and now the Premier is indicating their votes meant so very little. How upsetting for those young people to experience this as their first connection with democracy and civic engagement. What message is being sent to them about the value of casting a ballot?

  • The provincial government is conducting public consultations on a variety of important issues, such as municipal and school reorganization and water management. If government will not respect the clear majority of votes in the plebiscite, why should Islanders feel that their views will be listened to in upcoming consultations?

  • You expect your MLA to honour the vote and support legislation to move forward with Mixed Member Proportional Representation!

Remember to thank them for their time!